QuadOptics LLC provides manufacturer's representative services across the 6 New England States and New York. Our technical expertise enables selling across multiple markets including Telecom, Broadband, Utility, Enterprise, Data Center, Government, and OEM.

Whether it's Fiber or Copper, Wireline or Wireless, Training or Troubleshooting... we have the answers.

Ken Tinsley

New York City

Supporting the infrastructure for the Internet of Things here in the USA.

Tim Correll

Upstate NY

QuadOptics is always interested in synergistic lines and companies with products that are leading the way in technological innovation to drive the Internet of Things Economy. 

Internet of things/fiber optics

Did you know?

​Gartner expects 6.4 Billion connected devices in 2016. A 30% increase over 2015. By 2020 the number is expected to be 20.8 Billion connected devices driven by the IOT and 5G deployment. The need for Bandwidth is soaring and the Fiber Optic Glass shortage is expected to last into 2019. Staying ahead of the market is key. QuadOptics can help.  

Paul Looney

New England

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